About Paradiddle


Our mission is to provide beautiful, responsibly sourced furniture that benefits both the community in which it is made and in which it is cherished. From working with our Indonesia-based artisans who handcraft the individual pieces, to our valued customers who enjoy them at a reasonable price, we are committed to providing designs tailored to changing needs, with speedy service.


  • Community-focused

We are passionate about the transfer of artisan skills and the recognition of each brand whose products we feature, to create a supportive ecosystem.  

  • On trend

We use an international approach to accommodate our customers’ passion for interior style, constantly developing our furniture and soft furnishings to make spaces special.

  • Expedited service

We offer a superior online display and order platform, complete with fast domestic and international delivery. While all our furniture is made from real wood, it is generally lightweight and requires minimal assembly.



As the second generation of a family that has designed and created furniture for more than 40 years, we care deeply about continuing that work. Like our predecessors before us, we are passionate about furniture that supports people and places. We visit Indonesia to meet in person our suppliers and craftspeople, because we want to learn and grow with them.


We use Fairtrade and Indonesian Legal Wood, which is mostly recycled, reclaimed, or recyclable. We choose suppliers that empower local communities through reforestation initiatives and related education programs. As a commitment to supporting communities and local heritage, our partners largely use handcraftsmanship, ensuring that skills continue to be passed down to young carpenters for their professional development. And, by promoting select brands, not only their products, we aim to help artists continue their passion and receive recognition.


The Paradiddle Story

After moving from her native Taiwan to the United States at age 10, Alicia began to learn English and set her sights on becoming a doctor before her discomfort at dissecting a frog forced her to reconsider. Following in the footsteps of her father, who had been established in the furniture business for 35 years at that time, she accepted a place at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York where she majored in industrial design.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Aki was a salaryman by day and a punk rock drummer by night in a band that was developing a firm following. After being scouted by the leader of US punk rock trio Peelander-Z in 2008, he lived his dream touring in 48 of the country’s 50 states in five years.

During that time Alicia had picked up the guitar after being inspired by college friends and joined a girl cover band of Peelander-Z called Peewonder-Z. One day, while both bands were sharing a music studio, Alicia and Aki met.

After falling in love and starting a family, they decided to move to Tokyo with their new baby, Miki. With a passionate father-in-law to teach him the ropes, Aki soon developed a passion for furniture, while keeping alive his love of music. In 2015, he chose the name Paradiddle—his favorite drum rudiment—for the name of the company he and Alicia established. As the fun name suggests, they are bringing life into the furniture and soft furnishings business through a fresh, responsible approach to tailored, trendy design.


To view our company website, go to http://www.bloomville.jp